at the Terreiro de Arte e Cultura

Class Suspended for Summer Months

Axe Camarades!  I’ve decided to take a sabbatical and suspend Adult classes for the summer.  Kids classes will not be affected, and will continue to be held every Tuesday at 4:30.  Classes will resume in the fall.  Check back for more info, or check our our facebook page.  I’ll periodically post some informal training times in the [...]

Changes to Class Schedule

Hello all.  We’ve made some minor changes to our class schedule.  The Saturday adult class now starts at 12:00, and runs until 1:00.  The kids class has moved to Tuesday at 4:30, starting April 5th.  Hope to see you all out to train!

Mestre Caxias is coming in April!

We are excited to host our very own Mestre Caxias for two days of workshops in April.  Check the event page for details.  Hope to see you out!

Kids Class Cancelled this Saturday!

In light of the impending weather event, and also because I am in New York and am not risking a drive down the Eastern Seaboard until the Blizzard passes, we are cancelling the Kids Class on Saturday, January 23rd.  Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Warm!

Kids Class Information

Hello Parents!  Just wanted to post an update about kids classes. We’ll start the class back up on Saturday the 16th.  There will be no kids class tomorrow. The Terreiro flooded over the Christmas break, and we had to pull up the floor.  So for the time being, we will be practicing directly on the concrete subfloor.  You might want to [...]

Ready to Go for 2016

The New Year is hear, which means that it is time to re-commit to your Capoeira Training.  We have 3 adult classes and 1 kids class every week, so you never have to go more than a day or two between training.  We will be hosting more music and social events this year, so check back often, Like us on Facebook, and come to class.  Muito Axe eve [...]

Formanda Colibri

We are very excited to be hosting Formanda Colibri for a weekend of workshops, September 11, 12, and 13th!  Colibri is a student of Mestre Paulinho Sabia, and currently lives and teaches in Chicago.  She has traveled the world learning and teaching Capoeira, and we are very fortunate to have her here to share her time with us. The workshop sc [...]

Welcome to the New Capoeira Brasil NC...

We’ve updated our look and our feel, and added a lot of information about Capoeira, our group, and our classes.  We’ll continue to improve the page, so check back often